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Option 1

£12 Admin fee per month

+ Cleaning fee 

We know how to find reliable cleaners that are cost-effective and follow a minimum standard you expect for your property.

Suitable for those who want
affordable & reliable cleaning

Co-Ordinating Housecleaning

£15 Admin fee per month + Cleaning fee 

Do you need help with just having a cleaner?

We know the frustration!

What services this offers >

Option 2


5% per reservation

  • Handling of online reservations

  • 24-hour guest communication

  • Automated check-in/out messaging

Suitable for those who want an extra hand for there Short-term/SA lets.



per reservation

What services this offers >

Option 3



per reservation


15% per reservation

  • Everything Basic offers

  • Pricing Optimization

  • Restock Essentials & supplies

  • Guest reviews

  • Co-ordinate cleaning & laundry

  • Property Maintenance

  • Listing Optimization & Creation

  • Professional Photography

  • Floorplan mapping

  • Multi-listing on relevant channels

  • Inventory & Property periodic inspections 

Suitable for those who want hassle-free hosting! 

What services this offers >

Option 4



per reservation

25% per reservation

  • Everything standard offers

  • Visit guests on the check-in & Check-out

  • High-end Essentials & extra touches

Suitable for High-end clientele that wants to go the extra mile.

How does this work? >

Option 5

Fixed Rent

Minimum of 1-year contract furnished or up to 5 years unfurnished.

We give all the services offered in standard commission, no late payments, all basic maintenance included & bills can be included too.

Ideal for Landlords who want a secure fixed income

Fixed Rent

No voids!

No Loss of Income!

No Late Payments!

Option 6



Suitable for those who want an extra hand for there Short-term/SA lets.

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Commission Vs Fixed Rent

Commission vs Fixed

Total Revenue = Revenue made from all Booking Channels fluctuates due to many factors. One of the main factors is seasonality

Total costs = Fixed costs + fluctuating costs.

Fixed costs = Gas, Electric, Council tax/Business rates, Internet,

Fluctuating costs = Essentials, Airhosts4u Management Fee, Cleaning Fee, Booking site service fees.

Total Profit = Total Revenue - Total Costs

Fixed Rent = of £650 not including bills. Airhosts4u will sort out all the bills and council tax/ business rates.

This is perfect for landlords who take pride in their property, you can visit it whenever you want to do check-ups and we are happy work with you to keep it to a standard you desire.

Every year we will sit down and discuss yearly maintenance costs that should be provided to keep the property to the same condition to when we initiated the contract. An improvement report will also put together to help both parties have a better outcome for the future.

Management fee = (Listing Income + Cleaning Fee) * 15% management fee. The better we perform, the better the outcome for both parties.

Example of 3 nights booked for £90.

((Daily Rate x Nights = Listing Income) +  Cleaning Fee) - Variable Booking Site Service Fee =   Total     

((  £90     x       3      =        £270           )  +       £35         )  -              £11.34                                = £293.66

Total       - (Management fee + Cleaning) = Profits before bills.

£293.66 - (£45.75                 +     £35     ) =          £212.91

Maintenance costs = This is not included in this graph. Maintenance is far more regular in the short-term market.

This is to keep the property in a good condition at all times. including painting walls and external upkeep.
In the fixed term rate we will take responsibility for basic maintenance aka light bulbs, loose furnishings.


Happy Hosts


Total Managed Listings


Overall Guest Rating


Host Earnings




Current cleaning team. Airhosts4u ltd have already sourced great reliable cleaners in all locations we have/are operating in, and are working to the new COVID-19 cleaning protocols. Our process of sourcing a cleaner:- We are constantly building relationships with local cleaners in all geographical locations we operate in. (we do not currently work with large cleaning companies as they are not cost effective for short term let, they usually charge on average £100 for 3 hours minimum work)
We contract out the jobs to fully insured, security & background checked cleaning companies. 1st stage is the search via Yelp, Facebook, Gumtree, Bark, google search & many more methods. We then openly discuss our 5 main criterias: experience, availability, cost, duties & our general cleaners contract. 90% of the time this will narrow our search down to about 2-3 cleaning companies we are happy to initiate a trial with. (this usually consists of either start-up cleaning companies wanting to prove themselves or a local small 3-10 man cleaning company that are happy to take on a local job, large companies tend to want to charge £20 an hour or a minimum of 3 hours work at a very high fixed price). How do we work with the cleaning company? The cleaning company must provide there service of cleaning, stock-takng, monitoring & reporting including a minimum set standard for each schedruled job as set out in the contract (see example of our contract), please look at our cleaners contract template as an example.
How do we monitor & schedrule jobs with the cleaner?
We use a fully integrated all-in-one property management system which has a cleaning management system inbuilt, IGMS The screenshot above for example shows basic instructions of what we expect.
cleaners automatically receive a text and email as soon as schedruled cleans have been arranged.
They have access to the calander which they can sync up to whatever system they use whether its google/microsoft calander which states, dates, times, what to clean and theres an additional section for us to both add notes for any additional information either of us may need to record. We always require all our cleaners to have a whatsapp chat with us where they must send us before and after pictures of every clean. This allows us to monitor the standard the guests have left the room/property, check for damages and check the cleaner has left it to the prepared the property to the standard we expect.

This in turn means we can accurately review all our guests on cleanliness.

Charge of cleaners & linen fee? We prefer to always have a set fee for all our schedruled cleaning jobs and use of a local professional launderette, this helps us maintain our standards & consistancy in how we charge for cleaning. In turn it promotes local business for the launderette and can essentially work in our favour for when guests use there services too.
Entire 3 bed/1 bathroom listing:
Average of 8 cleans a month. 3 hours per schedruled clean = (£26 to £40) + £10 linen fee. Total of (£208 to £300) + £80 linen fee per month. Per Individual Room listing: Average of 8 cleans a month. 1.5 hours per schedruled clean = (£13 - £20) + £5 linen fee. Total of (£104-£160) + £40 linen fee. These figures are based on many factors but not limited too whether the cleaner provides their own equipment or not, average cost of a cleaner in the local area & and price of local launderette. "If there isn't a local launderette, does the cleaner provide cleaning and drying services in there pricing." Do not worry, this does not come out of your pocket! Our favoured method of implementing the costs of cleaning and linen fee is onto the guests.
This is applied over all channels used for your listing, then at the end of every month we will charge you the cleaning fee which will go directly to the cleaning company and launderette company without any admin charge on our side!

Unless you have selected just our co-ordinated cleaning service, we then charge £12 admin fee which covers our software fee. This again can be implemented into the cleaning fee by simply charging an extra £1 on the cleaning fee What if I want to implement the cost of cleaning into my daily rate? In extenuating circumstances where you feel it may affect your booking rate, we have had clients implement the cost into there booking.
They do this by having a minimum of 3 nights stay so 1 nights fee is dedicated to cleaning fee. Why should you use Airhosts4u to do all this rather than do this yourself?
There is nothing stopping you at all doing this yourself, however we have found finding reliable cleaners that are cost effective and happy to accept the hours of only working between 11am to 3pm very tough to find! Cleaners like to have more consistant work, this is where we come in, being property managers we usually have a number of properties within a certain range where offer more than just one property for them to clean. PLUS! We do all the hard work of sourcing, keeping on top of standards and have experience in how to deal with them!
Working through us benefits the cleaner as we can provide more than just 1 client of cleaning work in any particular area

Listing Safety & Insurance Vetting

All booking channels have a minimum of the following requirements before any guest is allowed to book: Full name, Email address, Confirmed phone number, Agreement to house rules & Payment information We then always confirm all guests must have our standards of a Profile photo & a Goverment-issued I.D. This allows us the confidence to always have Instant booking on for all our listings. If they do not meet all of the criteria above they cannot instant book and must enquire. At this point we will check there profile, there previous reviews and initiate a conversation stating the purpose of there stay. At any point we feel uncomfortable with a guest to book we will ask them to complete all required standards to book. This will usually filter 99% of potential problematic guests! Instant booking or not we will always check every guests profile and reviews to get a feel what of to expect. For example if they are completely new to any platform, we know in general they will not know how to find all the relevant information for there stay on the booking channel. in this particular circumstance we would communicate with them more diligently and share the information on our communication platform. Insurance Vetting This part is optional but advised. 2 Short term rental insurance companies: Guardhog - pay per stay insurance for hosts, guests and platforms. Pikl - Specialist insurer That can top-up existing home insurance.

24hr guest communication & automated messaging

Automation of messaging: Automation equals more efficiency & allows us more time to focus on constantly improving your property results! We use a Vacation Rental System called IGMS! (for more information on IGMS and why we use them please go to FAQ). This online software allows us to cross-link multiple platforms onto one interface that allows us to arrange & control automated messaging, guest reviews, templates, team management, pricing management and more. As you can see, we have a list of templates, ranging from prepared templates for regular questions for example when guests ask for a discount and/or potential extensions to there stay.
To General automated messaging templates from:
Thanks for booking reminder message of there upcoming stay first morning of there stay Before check-out After check-out All these messages are al similar across all our listings but includes smart native messaging included. an example below of our "before check-out" template: "Hi {{guest_first_name}}, I hope you’ve enjoyed your stay in {{listing_name}}! Just a quick reminder that you check-out today. Check-out time is {{checkout_time}}am or earlier. Please leave unused clean towels on the bed and dirty towels on the floor in a pile. On your way out please lock all doors and put the keys back in the lockbox. Also if you have any rubbish please put this in the kitchen bin, or the bins outside. If you have time to send me a quick message when you leave I'd really appreciate it. That will help me alert our cleaners for the next guests. If you have any comments or ideas that you think would improve our listing please let us know. Thanks so much for choosing to stay at our place. Kind regards, Daniel Hopkinson Airhosts4u ltd" The smart native messaging allows us to add the personal touches to the automated messaging for our guests.

Personalized automated messages for each listing: Last but not least in regards to automated messaging, is the personalized auto messages for each listing that we prepare, these are constantly updated and improved over-time An example below: "This is a reminder message to let you know how to get to the property: Address: {{listing_address}} We have attached a bird's eye view of the properties location. ON THE FIRST IMAGE. The YELLOW ARROWS indicate how you will enter the correct street and to the house. The RED BOXES indicate parking places if coming by car, if you are parking beside the house, please park on the right-hand side in front of the garage.
No More Than 1 Car in this parking zone, please. The GREEN OUTLINE indicates the location of the HOUSE & GARAGE! SECOND IMAGE: This is the back door THIRD IMAGE: The red outline on the garage is the allocated garage to store bikes.
Where the red car is parked, is the only spot available to park for the house. Tomorrow morning you shall receive further information & instructions for your stay! Kind regards, Daniel Hopkinson Airhosts4u ltd 07544918672" This template comes with 3 images attached with a birds eye view of where to park and where the property is located, where the garage is located and image of the back door. All our personalized messages usually come with very specific information regards the listing with images and documents attached to help the guests as best as we can. 24 hr messaging:
At all times, at least 1 member of our staff is on duty for any emergencies guests require, whether they are locked out, have no heating or needing our expertise in any shape or form. In between all the automated messages we always read all guests messages and enquiries to make sure we have responded appropriately and promptly.

Occupancy & Pricing Optimization

Occupancy & Pricing optimization are closely intertwined, its best to explain these together which in turn equals Dynamic Pricing. Occupancy: (when a listing is occupied with a guest) Aiming for an occupancy of 100% a month should not be your goal. This means you are under valuing your property and not maximising your revenue. Under valuing your listing would attract the wrong types of guests that will not treat your property to the level it deserves and cause more wear & tear. Being booked 100% of the time means you will not have any time also to spend to doing regular maintenance for when issues need to be fixed. Here is a great 5 minute video from Richard who runs the Short Term Rental University who briefly explains about optimization of occupancy: Balance of both: Getting the balance right between your occupancy rate and pricing for your listing is a always a constant. It requires analyse of a very large some data of many factors to get this right. Not only that it also depends on YOUR goals, as well as what your target guest is for the specific area & your listing. Beyond Pricing / the Dynamic Pricing Tool we use This is a SaaS (Software as a service) that helps you automatically optimize your revenue based on fluctuations in demand. They constantly feed in all the demand and pricing of my comparibles in the neighbourhood. For example it will automatically Increase pricing for major events + high season then decrease pricing for low season to remain occupied. This means balancing your pricing with demand to get the right balance of occupancy to maximise your revenue and in turn target the right guests. Again this is a great video which is 10 minutes long. This video is hosted by Richard the founder of Short Term Rental University & The CEO of Beyond Pricing Ian Mchenry! We use beyond pricing to maximise revenue for our clients which remains a cost effective tool which we include in services. Why use Airhosts4u ltd to do this for you when you could sign up to beyond pricing yourself? We pride ourselves in knowing how to utilize this tool for maximum benefits, using the tool correctly can increase your revenue upto 40%. What we do is work out the right base price & minimum price to set for your listing, although beyond pricing automates things for you, they do not know the standard of your listing compared to your competition. Are you in the higher end of the market? lower end? unique? what specific type of guests are you marketing towards? We use beyond pricing almost every day to analyse how all our listings are performing. We constantly check the competition, what they do differently, if there are any ways to improve your listing and the list goes on. All these factors always means keeping an eye on your listing to remain one step ahead of your local competition to maximise your revenue for your listing. We are using screenshot examples of our listing based in London. Listing = Double Room Ensuite near Woolwich, London. Our base price is set at £40, this is what we want to achieve on average over the year. Beyond pricing takes this into consideration and puts it against occupancy expectations and how to vary this over the year to achieve this. We could set it at £1000 if we like, it is completely up to us. We work out what the average price and occupancy is over the year by using the market data given to us. Market data? Below in this chart is Neighborhood Occupancy to date chart. the Average over the year of all the local listings = 56.35%
Below in this chart is Neighborhood Pricing. The blue line is the average airbnb pricing, the green line is our pricing & the black line is the average price of all listings over the year = £38 This clearly points out our average price & occupancy of the neighborhood. £38 x 56.35% occupancy = £7815.74 This is what the average is but as you may have noticed, our property is an ensuite, not only this with all the extra amenities and professional photography, layout etc, we are aiming above average market hense why we have set it to £40. Our end of year marker is = £8226.80 We will always keep an eye on this and alter it as we go, the more reviews we get and more we improve compared to our competition, our marker will always change. Another interesting chart is the hotel pricing over the upcoming year. we can seewhat our prices are compared to the local hotels.

Essentials & Supplies

The of the key parts of providing top quality service to our guests is providing quality supplies & essentials to our guests. What are the essentials? Minimal essentials on the channel sites class essentials as the following provided for each guest's stay:
Towel, bedsheet, soap, toilet paper & a pillow. Airhosts4u class the minimum essentials with the following added: bed linen, Wifi, Hot water, 2 pillows per guest. Supplies? Extra Amenities and Basics! These are all the little things that may be needed for your property, salt & pepper, spare cleaning products, dishwasher tablets, replacement furniture, toilet seat, iron & ironing board or even a bath mat. all these need to be kept on top on. How do we keep on top of this?
One of our housekeepers responsibilities is to check the stock. Airhosts4u staff also visit the properties on a regular basis to check all amenities and stock are up to our standard. Once stock starts to get low we use our Amazon Business to order next day to either the property, housekeeper or Airhosts4u whichever is most efficient dependent on the situation. Why should I use you to keep on top of this rather than just do it myself? Reason 1: We buy in bulk at trade prices & also get extra discounts on top of that!
for example: 72 rolls of Andrex toilet paper = £22.50 (£27 VAT inc) In Sainsbury's for the same product would cost you = £37.13 That alone is 31.5% saving! Plus we can get up to another 15% discount off this again! Reason 2: This applies to all our essentials & supplies we have done all the hard work sourcing and trialing all the best bedding, essentials, supplies & amenities for our guests so you don't have to plus you get the benefits of trade price.

Maintenance, Inventory & Inspections

There are many levels of maintenance to a property. We like to categorise it into 3 standards. Cosmetic Maintenance: This is the maintenance of the properties appeal. aka all visual parts of the property including external areas like a garden. Corrective/Emergency Maintenance: repairing and/or restoring broken or failed equipment to a minimum condition aka boiler, pipe burst, electrical issue. Preventative Maintenance: Routine Maintenance & inspections that keep the property in working order. All costs and expenses associated with the maintenance and operation of the property, including but not limited to,electric, water, sewer, gas, phone, cable TV, Internet are all the landlord's responsibility. We expect our landlords to follow the same laws outlined in the " Landlord and Tenant Act 1985" aimed at BTL & HMO to be adhered to for short term let. It won't be long until the goverment imposes regulations for short term where we expect this act to apply. How does Airhosts4u ltd help keep on top of all this? It is in our best interest for the property to be maintained at ALL times. We expect all our guests to have the same quality of stay every single time. This in turn benefits you, as you will know your property is being maintained to the highest standard which in turn means spreading the cost of maintenance over time rather than leaving problems to get worse which end up being more costly How do we do it? Nothing special, simply implement 2 procedures.
Procedure 1:

Every 3 months we do 3 reports
A Property Inspection report : covers the overall inspection of the property. Property Inventory report covers keys, certification & meter readings of the gas & electric, fire precautions and count of inventory. and a STR a report that covers what amenities & extras we currently have to offer and there condition. This will include taking piotures so we can visually record any problems. Procedure 2: The housekeeper in charge of cleaning your property has other responsibilities too. They must take pictures/videos before and after every reservation, monitor and report any and or all issues including cosmetics inside & out the property.

Guests will usually flag any suspecting issues themselves if it outside there expectations plus we regularly visit our properties within 3 months also. How do we go about costs? We will work with you in what methods you prefer, we will always try our best to inform you of any issues and pick the best course of action that suits all of our needs.

for example, if we inform you that some of the walls have some wear and tear that now fall below our "fit for purpose" standard from host to guests. Airhosts4u will inform you of the issue then you can decide whether you sort this out yourself via DIY, use your own maintenance contact or we source a maintenance contact for you. If we source a maintenance contact for you, we simply add the cost of the service onto your monthly invoice with no extra admin fees.
This includes boiler services, light fittings & or cutting the grass.

Listing Optimization (SEO) & Creation

Step 1: Creation of your listing. Before even creating your listing, we would work with you to make sure your property is at a decent standard with relevant inventory & essentials. Once your property is ready we will organise a day to visit your property to take professional photos, videos and fill in Property forms. Once this is done we will then communicate with you over the next 5 working days to get your listing up and running. there will be times we will both need to have access to a computer to allow verification between our accounts. During the build of your listing we will work out a date to open your calender for your potential guests! By the end of the 5 working days we should have achieved the following: Uploaded professional photos. Filled in all descriptions about your listing. Built basic automated messaging system and all synced up on our PMS. Built basic online guidebook of your listing and area. Synced Dynamic pricing software to your listing. Synced and organised your allocated cleaners to your calender. Step 2: Listing Optimization (SEO) How do we optimize your listing? Simple, make continous improvements by applying due diligent tweaks. Using our software we can see performance indicators on many factors not excluding view counts to your listing, help us know if any changes to the listing make any difference to more views. We will do a blog on this section in the future as there are many tips and tricks to help optimize your listing. Every part of your listing will be looked at closely over the initial weeks, either that be: taking new pictures and videos. changing the listing title to be more catchy, updating listing descriptions, potentially adding more amenites, improving message templates. adding floorplan to the listing & so on. Once we get all these fundamentals in place, we can then focus more on pricing and occupancy optimization and start to look at multi listing on other platforms but improvements to the listing will never stop.

Professional Photography

We use a Professional Nikon DSLR video/camera with specialised interior lens, equipment and software for the job Here are some images of our work.

Floorplan Mapping

To us, adding a floorplan to the images and guidebook is essential. we have many guests enquire about where things are & the size of a listing. We use to build our floorplan images.

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