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Whether you have a spare room, holiday home, an empty BTL or even use short term let already and looking for particular services to help you manage, we have something to cater for your needs.

How does this work? >

Option 1

£12 Admin fee per month

+ Cleaning fee 

We know how to find reliable cleaners that are cost-effective and follow a minimum standard you expect for your property.

Suitable for those who want
affordable & reliable cleaning

Co-Ordinating Housecleaning

£15 Admin fee per month + Cleaning fee 

Do you need help with just having a cleaner?

We know the frustration!

What services this offers >

Option 2


5% per reservation

  • Handling of online reservations

  • 24-hour guest communication

  • Automated check-in/out messaging

Suitable for those who want an extra hand for there Short-term/SA lets.



per reservation

What services this offers >

Option 3



per reservation


15% per reservation

  • Everything Basic offers

  • Pricing Optimization

  • Restock Essentials & supplies

  • Guest reviews

  • Co-ordinate cleaning & laundry

  • Property Maintenance

  • Listing Optimization & Creation

  • Professional Photography

  • Floorplan mapping

  • Multi-listing on relevant channels

  • Inventory & Property periodic inspections 

Suitable for those who want hassle-free hosting! 

What services this offers >

Option 4



per reservation

25% per reservation

  • Everything standard offers

  • Visit guests on the check-in & Check-out

  • High-end Essentials & extra touches

Suitable for High-end clientele that wants to go the extra mile.

How does this work? >

Option 5

Fixed Rent

Minimum of 1-year contract furnished or up to 5 years unfurnished.

We give all the services offered in standard commission, no late payments, all basic maintenance included & bills can be included too.

Ideal for Landlords who want a secure fixed income

Fixed Rent

No voids!

No Loss of Income!

No Late Payments!

Option 6



Suitable for those who want an extra hand for there Short-term/SA lets.

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Commission Vs Fixed Rent

Commission vs Fixed

Total Revenue = Revenue made from all Booking Channels fluctuates due to many factors. One of the main factors is seasonality

Total costs = Fixed costs + fluctuating costs.

Fixed costs = Gas, Electric, Council tax/Business rates, Internet,

Fluctuating costs = Essentials, Airhosts4u Management Fee, Cleaning Fee, Booking site service fees.

Total Profit = Total Revenue - Total Costs

Fixed Rent = of £650 not including bills. Airhosts4u will sort out all the bills and council tax/ business rates.

This is perfect for landlords who take pride in their property, you can visit it whenever you want to do check-ups and we are happy work with you to keep it to a standard you desire.

Every year we will sit down and discuss yearly maintenance costs that should be provided to keep the property to the same condition to when we initiated the contract. An improvement report will also put together to help both parties have a better outcome for the future.

Management fee = (Listing Income + Cleaning Fee) * 15% management fee. The better we perform, the better the outcome for both parties.

Example of 3 nights booked for £90.

((Daily Rate x Nights = Listing Income) +  Cleaning Fee) - Variable Booking Site Service Fee =   Total     

((  £90     x       3      =        £270           )  +       £35         )  -              £11.34                                = £293.66

Total       - (Management fee + Cleaning) = Profits before bills.

£293.66 - (£45.75                 +     £35     ) =          £212.91

Maintenance costs = This is not included in this graph. Maintenance is far more regular in the short-term market.

This is to keep the property in a good condition at all times. including painting walls and external upkeep.
In the fixed term rate we will take responsibility for basic maintenance aka light bulbs, loose furnishings.


Happy Hosts


Total Managed Listings


Overall Guest Rating


Host Earnings


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