About Airhosts4u

Błażej Pietrowiak & Daniel Hopkinson.

Founded in July 2018 in Manchester by:

Błażej Pietrowiak & Daniel Hopkinson.


Colleagues for many years we were always aiming for a goal to one day open our own business.


Błażej originally from Poland has worked in the travel Industry for many years providing his services to the likes of Emirates & Bentley, always arranging travel & stay.


Daniel has been an electronic engineer for field service roles in Aviation, Medical & Oil Industries for over 10 years travelling all over the UK.

After using Airbnb since 2015 extensively as hosts & guests for personal use & for work, we quickly came to realise the great change Airbnb bought to the travel industry. However also came the effects of a wide variety of standards delivered by hosts, (we have heard many horror stories!)  as well as the greater responsibilities entrusted to hosts to deliver.


This is where a company vision was formed:  Exchange our skills & knowledge that could deliver a short term rental management service to take the stress away from hosts & deliver consistent 5* service to guests.

A new heading

As of April 2020, after 2 years working together, we have gone separate ways. Daniel Hopkinson is the sole Managing Director of the company going forward.

During COVID-19 the company has had to update all roadmaps to make sure the company can survive and thrive during 2020.

I am excited to see where I can take the company in the next 2 years from here. The company is in a very interesting period of transition, upgrades throughout the whole company process and a new marketing plan are coming to light. you will soon see a new website, more marketing, more content and blogs being added to our site.

improvements to online guidebooks, new COVID-19 cleaning protocols, more booking platforms and better monitoring systems have all. watch out for 2020-2021 roadmap.

Company core values


Our integrity is vital & hugely important to everyone we work with, we aim to be a company to always uphold our morals of being a reliable, fair & transparent. In turn, it means creating interdependent relationships that are truly valued for all.


Profit is not our ultimate aim, but the result of good management, we place a high value on being financially stable. This is why we reinvest all of our earnings into the company to ensure continued success & independence.


We constantly strive to redefine our standards of excellence in everything we do.

Our value of innovation is closely knitted with creativity, this brings drive, development & growth to our company.

Our process of translating our ideas into a service that creates value for our clients is always monitored carefully before being implemented.

We use our 4 basic rules as illustrated on the right:

Our values & core






Viable Idea




Our Core Value, mission & vision for Airhosts4u ltd could not be achieved without the passion to succeed. We all have our own reasons to succeed in life & in business, all 3 key values of Trust, Innovation & sustainability inter-relate to give rise to doing what we do.


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Daniel Hopkinson

Daniel Hopkinson

Managing Director

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Former Systems Field Engineer who has travelled the UK for 10 years. Passionate about technology, Geopolitics & Kart Racing.

Favourite quote:

"Insanity is repeating the same thing and expecting different results"